xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

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xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

Like some others (I have searched threads) I am having xulrunner problems running the studio
(Talend Enterprise Data Integration 5.4.1. 30 day trial)
ERROR: The internal web browser can not be access,the starting page won't be displayed
java.lang.Exception: The internal web browser can not be access,the starting page won't be displayed
I read this at https://community.talend.com/t5/Installation/XPCOM-exception-while-installing-Talend-Studio-on-a-Lin...
"In order to resolve this problem, Talend strongly recommends upgrading Talend Studio to the latest version, as XULRunner has been embedded in Talend Studio after version 4.0. However, if you need to continue using an older Studio version, you can fix the errors caused by the version mismatch by installing an older version of XULRunner."
But then I read elsewhere to download xulrunner -->> https://community.talend.com/t5/Installation/XPCOM-exception-while-installing-Talend-Studio-on-a-Lin...
so I did that too (, and changed Talend-Studio-linux-gtk-x86_64.ini to add the path:-
Still it doesn't work -I am using Mozilla FF 24.3.0
I'd like to know if xulrunner really is embedded in Talend Studio?
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Re: xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

Hi, if I do reinstall as I may have to, is xulrunner included in Talend Studio as per above?
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Re: xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

Got this working for anyone else on Centos 64 bit 6.5 as follows
Using FF 24.3.0 (64 bit)
Downloaded xulrunner x64_64 bit tar (hard to find, at least for me -RPMs were no good as they conflicted with a lot of stuff already installed)

untarred it to /usr/local/xulrunner/xlrunner
and added to end of Talend-Studio-linux-gtk-x86_64.ini

Re: xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

java issue is fixed ...the above issue is not yet resolved even xul runner installed

Re: xulrunner using Centos 6.5 64 bit

Hi addcolourtourlife,
Please stick to your another topic for your community products.
In addition, what the linux version are you using?
Best regards
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