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when does the view table get populated in talend tcdc

i hav a question regarding talend cdc. i wanted to know wen does the view table created by talend cdc gets populated.
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Re: when does the view table get populated in talend tcdc

Hi Amy
Here is the explanation of CDC:
Change Data Capture (CDC) is based on Publisher/Subscriber principle. The publisher captures the change data and makes it available to the subscribers. The subscribers can use the change data obtained from the publisher only once. To be able to use a given number of times the same change data, you should use as many differents subscribers. The informations about source tables from which the change data needs to be captured and the subscribers who can access to the change data are stored in a TSUBSCRIBER table. The TCDC_source_table contains the id of each change data. The triggers TCDC_TG_source_table_I, TCDC_TG_source_table_U and TCDC_TG_source_table_D are created to capture each Insert, Update and Delete on source_table. Each change row capture by the triggers is inserted into TCDC_source_table with the flag TALEND_CDC_STATE='0'. Before consuming the row, this flag is set to TALEND_CDC_STATE='1' and a view TCDC_VIEW_source_table is create or replace to fetch rows from source table and only rows with TALEND_CDC_STATE='1'. This allows you to lock the lines to consum and to delete it after consuming where SUBSCRIBER = the subscriber you have to consum the change data.
Hope this will help you.