uninstall an external jar

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uninstall an external jar

I have installed an external jar.

I want to uninstall it because I have an updated jar.



How do i do it?



Thank you


Re: uninstall an external jar

Are you using open source or subscription version?  Are you using Nexus as your binary repository?

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Re: uninstall an external jar

I am using Talend for big data platform. I am running in local mode.

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Re: uninstall an external jar

I found a method to uninstall manually.

For each and every .jar installed ,there will be a directory with the name same as that of jar in talend installation directory.

In this directory , the jar file will be placed.

just delete this directory.

in my case the directory was mssql-jdbc.

I deleted this directory and the jar got uninstalled.


Re: uninstall an external jar

Ok.  Look under studio\configuration\.m2 folder.  Do you see the jar there?  Talend specific libraries goes into studio\configuration\.m2\repository\org\talend\libraries


A brute force way to initialise the studio libraries is to close the studio and then delete the following folders in the studio\configuration folder:

  • .m2
  • org.eclipse.core.runtime
  • org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.swt.theme
  • org.eclipse.equinox.app
  • org.eclipse.equinox.launcher
  • org.eclipse.help.base
  • org.eclipse.osgi
  • org.eclipse.update

When you start the studio again, it will be like starting the first time and will re-download all libraries.  Note that there are GB of libraries for big data.

This instruction is for when using local projects without Nexus shared libraries.


Re: uninstall an external jar

Ok great

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Re: uninstall an external jar

I am in similar issue .

I wanted to jar to be remove from exported(build) bundle.Wanted to keep it for compilation because the dependent jar is being used in multiple jobs and wanted to initialize it one time by placing in server lib as it is conflicting at run time giving class is already initilized with class loader exception.

Any help will be great Smiley Happy

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