unable to use the tazuresqldwbulkexec component

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unable to use the tazuresqldwbulkexec component


I am unable to use the component tazuresqlDWbulkExec as I am getting below error:-

com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Cannot open server "cfvmetldev" requested by the login.

 Cfvmetldev is basically the job server from where I am running the talend job.


by this component, we are trying to read the data from blob container and load it into azure sql datawarehouse.

It is quite amusing that even we have provided the azure storage connection and azure sql datawarehouse connection details in the component itself, but still the job is failing while making sql connection on the talend job server where the warehouse don’t exists. Please let me know how can I resolve this issue.


Re: unable to use the tazuresqldwbulkexec component


The tazuresqlDWbulkExec is a custom component written by talend community user and shared on talend exchange portal.

Feel free to contact the author please.

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