twebservice doesn't work

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twebservice doesn't work

hello.. so it's have been a week and I still can't connect any webservice with the twebservice component.

I thought it might be the ws problem so I just took a very simple one and I still get a java exception on it.

does any one know why is that ? or can try this url by himself to figure out if its a problem in my project?


Thanks!webservice err.jpg

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Re: twebservice doesn't work

Just tried to use tWebService but not able to enter the configuration.

Have to try more.

However, you can use tWebServiceInput as on the following capture:


1st step, I use a tFixedFlowInput to define the parameter values.

The schema contains 2 fields, CountryName and CityName which values are "Paris" and "France".

2nd step, tFlowToIterate is required a tWebServiceInput cannot be linked using a flow.

This component will autoaticaly defined a global variable for each input field.

3rd step, tWebService will call the desired web service, passing the parameters as defined in Parameter field.

The result will come into the field defined into the schema for this component (here GetWeatherResult).

Unfortunately, the web service allways send "No Data Found" as the response, don't know why but it respond.


Hope this helps.

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Re: twebservice doesn't work

so with the twebserviceinput it works somehow, but I really want to understand why with the *same* webservice the twebservice component doesn't work.
It always fail on nullpointerexception.
Can you think of a reason?
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Re: twebservice doesn't work

How do you pass parameter values for tWebService?
I think the reason should be there.

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Re: twebservice doesn't work

I pass them with tfixedflowinput , or with connecting it with a tmap or so. I've tried a lot of options,but nothing worked


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