tstatcather and tdie

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tstatcather and tdie

Hi Experts ,
Thanks in advance. In my job I'm using tstatcather to load stats in a DB, where I'm configuring db using context variables . In the prejob I'm reading this context variables from a file . After this I'm having check as if the context variables are not empty continue the process, else I'm using tdie .
While I'm running the above job, I'm getting error on the db component which I'm using for loading the statistics and also couldn't find the error message of tdie when I test for the scenario when the context values are empty. My understanding is that tstatcatcher tries to load the data even when the program is initiated .
NOTE- I've tried giving kill jvm setting on the advanced setting tab of tstatcather.


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Re: tstatcather and tdie

What database error are you getting? Can you post a screenshot of your job?


Re: tstatcather and tdie


Are you using  tContextload or implicit tContextLoad in your job?

What's the error message you are getting?

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