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tsqoopimport ignores additional arguments -D



I am working with TOS BIG DATA 6.3 and using  tsqoopImport to import some data from SGBD to HDFS (HDP, sqoop version

I want to add some custom parameters to use a specific queue  ( )

But I am having this error :

ERROR tool.BaseSqoopTool: Unrecognized argument:


I found a old post with the same issue


It seems the problem still not be resolved in TOS 6.3 !!


I did't find any JIRA ISSUE in bugtracker,  the following one didn't  adress the problem


Is there a way to add this parameter (-D in sqoop configuration file ? 


Thanks a lot





Re: tsqoopimport ignores additional arguments -D


Could you please create a work item jira issue on talend bug tracker?

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