trestrequest not working

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trestrequest not working



I have one API which supports GET with no parameters


Its worked with trest and trestclient successfully.


But when I use with trestrequest it always shows error like this Cannot assign requested address: bind Cannot assign requested address: bind


Here is my API's url  (You can also try)


Any suggestions please ?


Re: trestrequest not working


Could you please show us the full stack trace?

Is there any port already occupied on your machine?

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Re: trestrequest not working

Hi Sabrina


The thing is the API am calling is not deployed on the server from where am calling. And according the docs, Its says tRestrequest is a server based component.


So tell me please am allowed to call API whose webserver sits on another location using this component ?

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Re: trestrequest not working

tRestRequest is a server based component, it is used to build a Rest Web Service, it is not a Rest client tool. To call a Rest Web Service, you should use tRest or tRestClient as you did.

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