tmysqlbulkexec not loading data

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tmysqlbulkexec not loading data



I was using tmysqlbulkexec to load data from file to table. It has been noticed that not all data is inserted. 


The ones that are rejected are the rows mentioned below


FarmerCropActivityAttributeID FarmerCropActivityID AttributeDataTypeID Reading
4354571 2105593 82890 Sim
4354572 2105593 82893 Não afectada
4354573 2105593 82894 amendoim
4354574 2105593 82891 45
4354575 2105593 82892 75
4354576 2105593 82895 58
4354577 2105593 82896 0
4354578 2105593 82978 cajueiro mal podados
4354579 2105593 82979 treinado o produtor sobre podas


However, if I run the job with only these rows the above gets inserted into table. But if I run the same data with 100s of other similar data, the rows wont go into the table. There are no exceptions shown and the job completes successfully


The table script is as follows


CREATE TABLE `FarmerCropActivityAttributes` (
`FarmerCropActivityAttributeID` int(11) NOT NULL,
`FarmerCropActivityID` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
`AttributeDataTypeID` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
`Reading` varchar(5000) DEFAULT NULL,
`ClientId` varchar(5000)  DEFAULT NULL,
KEY `idx_fcaa_farmercropactivityid` (`FarmerCropActivityID`),
KEY `idx_fcaa_AttributeDataTypeID` (`AttributeDataTypeID`)


The additional JDBC Parameters in the tmysqlbulkexec is set to "useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf8"


However, I changed the component to tmysqloutputbulkexec and everything works fine


Any ideas on this?


Thanks in advance




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Re: tmysqlbulkexec not loading data

Can you share the job design?

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Re: tmysqlbulkexec not loading data



The job design snapshot can be seen in the link below



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