tmongodbinput getting error "Network:can't call something"

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tmongodbinput getting error "Network:can't call something"

i have some four set of job which executes sequentially.each job is having mongodb component which have connection with the same database and sometime it works fine but sometime it used to get this error.what s the problem i am not getting it.
Default;6;Java Exception;tMongoDBInput2_3;com.mongodb.MongoException$Network:can't call something : /;1

I am working on TOS DI 5.2.2


Re: tmongodbinput getting error "Network:can't call something"

How about using a tMongoDBConnection in your workflow? I suspect it is Mongo DB issue. Due to it takes too long to read and write, not returned within the specified time and then throw the exception. Perhaps you need config timeout for your MongoDB.

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