tmap display

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tmap display

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hello , 

Ihave two tables in mysql and i want to write in one file excel.

the two tabes are :

Table TimeEntrie and table CustomValue.


- My problem is : I want to store in one file excell all the data that matches with the condition below:



1 -  the timeentrie wich have the project_code == Custom_value.customized_id

And  for these timeentries select All 


2- that have custom_value.custom_field_id=13 or   custom_value.custom_field_id=19


3- that have custom_value.custom_typeequals ("Project") 


Can anyone can help me ? 






My probCapture.PNGtmap.PNG


Re: tmap display



    You can add the necessary conditions in the expression editor in the output section of the tMap and can pass the values to output file. If you want the data to be written in same file, you can do it by selecting append option in tfileoutputexcel.


Warm Regards,
Nikhil Thampi

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Re: tmap display

I have tried to do this but the output result is diffrent of the espected
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Re: tmap display

I have tried to configure tmap but the result is different of the espected result.

Please can you give me an example of thsi configuration . 


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Re: tmap display


Hello toumakabibiche,


here is an example of how I would try to resolve your question:


tmap_display.jpgtMap configuration



Best regards,









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Re: tmap display

thanks to your reply Thwabi .

I have tried to like this but i have a null pointer exception :

In the table timeentrries i have 43164 data but the tmap  entries receive only 54 data .

my scrennshots are : 

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Re: tmap display


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Re: tmap display

Hello toumakabibiche,


may I recommend using customvalues1.customized_type = 'Project' as a where condition in your input SQL of the custom_values component instead of using it in tMap (as a filter or join condition)?


I suggest not connecting customvalues1.custom_field_id and customvalues1.value directly to the output pane (to "client" and "demande"). Put them in the Var pane first, and from there connect them to the output.


Concerning the NullpointerException: Please insert a query for null value in your Var.var1 expression, in general for all the fields from customvalues1 that you connected to the Var pane. For example: customvalues1.custom_field_id == null ? 0 : customvalues1.custom_field_id and name this field notnull_custom_field_id. You can then continue to build your other expressions in the Var pane using this notnull_custom_field_id (instead of the custom_field_id directly from costumvalues1).


Best regards,





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