tmap comparable error

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tmap comparable error

Hi all,

I'm facing issue in if else condition. 

My condition is if the value from row1.column1="STUD" load "STUD" else all values should be NA.

My input is column is string and output column is string which is in HIVE.

Relational.ISNULL(row1.column1)== true ? "NA": row1.column1

This abovecondition is applied as a variable, and in the target column in where the output needs to be populated

Var.var1="STUD"?"STUD": Var.var1.equalsIgnoreCase("NA").

The above condition need to satisfy for different conditions like"MASTER", "JUNIOR". etc..All these conditions needs to be satisfied in a single output column. So in my output the distinct records will be "STUD","MASTER", "JUNIOR","NA". 

I'm facing comparable error. 





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Re: tmap comparable error

You need to think about how you are comparing your values. Looking at your code (which should be erroring by the way because of the "=" operator) you are trying to compare memory rather than values. Take a look at this web page which will explain it thoroughly...