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tmap and trow generator

Can someone help me with this?
I have a file with 3 columns. I am using tinputfile delimited to get the columns.
I will be getting the 4 column from the client at a later period. I am using trowgenerater to get the 4th column output.
In my file i have 94 rows. I need 94 rows from trowgenerator and combine the output.
For example, in my file i have,
1 t r
2 a a
3 b b
94 rows

trow generator has to get 94 rows of data.
The final output has to be like this
1 t r 10
2 a a 20
3 b b 30
94 rows
10,20,30 are from trowgenerator.
Please let me know.

I have attached screen shots.
- Krishna
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Re: tmap and trow generator

If you just want the values 10, 20, 30 etc added to the rows you don't need tRowGenerator. Instead just populate the fourth column in the tMap using e.g. Numeric.sequence("ColumnValue",10,10).