tlogcatcher seems not working

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tlogcatcher seems not working

Hi all,


I develop some jobs with Talend, and use Tlogcatcher to record errors on a database. It seems working for all jobs except one.


Here is how it work :


The first SQL connection read SQL statement from a database table, and for each of them, the tMSSqlRow read and execute it.

But when SQL failed (i.e delete not possible cause of constraint integrity), the error is not catch by the tLogCatcher component.


How I can do that ?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: tlogcatcher seems not working

The error should be a Java exception and it is thrown out on txxxRow, otherwise tLogCatcher can not capture them. What are the error message? Can you upload the full track messages?

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Re: tlogcatcher seems not working


thanks for feedback,


it's usually sql error, so I will remove the tlogcatcher.