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tkafkaInput Advanced settings and error handling



I am currently working with the tkafka components and for the moment  all is working on a success scenario, but i am facing lot of issues on the error handling.  For example the advanced settings, i gave ack=all, retries=10, but none of these seems to get considered. I tried to test a scenario where i brought down a broker with ack=all, but the kafka input doesn't try to turn down that transaction rather continued to process the next message and finished with success, i had message lost during this transaction.


Is this a bug ? or there are other ways of configuring these additional properties ?


Would be really helpful with some pointers on this topic.



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Re: tkafkaInput Advanced settings and error handling


For further information about the consumer properties you can define in Kafka consumer properties, please see the section describing the consumer configuration in Kafka's documentation in http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html#consumerconfigs.

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