timestamp with BQ

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timestamp with BQ

I'm using MySQL as datasource to fill BigQuery Table
I've a field in MySQL define like Timestamp
When I try to upload data in a new table in Bigquery (using tmap) the field in bigquery is created as a string not like Timestamp.
I'm using talend BD 5.3.1
Thanks in advance for your help

Re: timestamp with BQ

Due to the default one is "String". You can set the data type by yourselves. There is "Date" type in the drop down list.
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Re: timestamp with BQ

I am also trying to import data into Google BigQuery and have the same problem. I select 'Date' in the schema drop down, but Talend always creates a table at BigQuery using STRING instead of TIMESTAMP as data type.
Whatever I do I can't get it to create tables on BigQuery using TIMESTAMP. I tried exporting to schema to XML and loading it like that, but to no avail. Right now I'm trying to convert the STRING date to TIMESTAMP using a Google BigQuery job, but it would be easier if Talend could do this.
Example output:
Done: {"configuration":{"load":{"createDisposition":"CREATE_IF_NEEDED","destinationTable":{"datasetId":"POC","projectId":"vex-poc-bigdata","tableId":"LML_TEST_5"},"fieldDelimiter":";","schema":{"fields":}, ...
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Re: timestamp with BQ

is this resolved? I am having same issue with Talend BD 5.4.1
It is a defect.

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