thiveconnection "Can't get Kerberos realm"

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thiveconnection "Can't get Kerberos realm"

We are trying to connect to a hortonworks data platform database.  We are receiving an error when running the job:


"Exception in component tHiveConnection_1

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't get Kerberos realm"


Our database admin gave us a krb5.conf file which has all the realms but we don't know how to implement the file in Talend Studio.  A bit of googling indicates that other Talend products support integration of these conf files but nothing detailing Talend Studio.


Other software that supports it krb configs: "





Re: thiveconnection "Can't get Kerberos realm"


Have you already set the properties: /

Could you please take a look at this issue: Hope it will help.

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