tftpfileExist Component help

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tftpfileExist Component help

Hi everybody,
I try to create a job, if a file exist on ftp server then run the job else do not run the job. Though the file exists or not, it is running the ETL.
I tried the below to check the file A.TXT on the server path /home. In tFTPFileExist component, I have defined the connection and provided the Remote Directory location (as /home) and the filename (as A.TXT)
on tJava:
boolean result=(boolean)globalMap.get("tFTPFileExist_1_EXISTS");
System.out.println("the file exists!");
System.out.println("the file does not exist!");

Though the file exists on FTP server, it says "the file does not exist!"
Please help !
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Re: tftpfileExist Component help

Hi Anut,
and what the trouble?