tfileoutputexcel Template Option

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tfileoutputexcel Template Option

Firstly, I would like to say that I love Talend and I am constantly finding new ways to employ it and make my life easier (and more productive).
I searched the forums and I don't believe that anyone has suggested this before, it may be that I am the only one who would find this useful (in which case I am likely out of luck).
I have a project in which a treat a large amount of test trial data. I use Talend to batch process data sets, zeroing my data starts, removing noise, and performing calculations. The data is then output set locations in an excel template. When the file is opened afterwards, it automatically calculates all fields and plots the indicated graphs. The minor issue I have is that I have to create the excel files (using the templates) prior to running the job. Since I run 15 data sets at a time, I have to open the template and save it to 15 different filenames before running the job (Talend then routes the 15 data sets to the 15 files using tfilelist).
I thought it might be interesting to have an option in tfileoutputexcel to choose an excel template file (.xlt) as the file format for output. The data would then be written directly into the .xls file, using the templates format. In my opinion, this would greatly improve the usefulness of Talend for many applications (and in my case, for QC reporting).
I hope I have explained this clearly!
Best Regards,
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Re: tfileoutputexcel Template Option

Why not use tfileCopy 15 times to copy the template (using the most appropriate kind of loop)?
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Re: tfileoutputexcel Template Option

Hello community,
I am new to talend and have a problem using tFileCopy. Like cymat_mc i want to use tFileOutputExcel with an template. So i try to copy a file with tfilecopy and then try to write into it. But it seems like the copy stream was not closed by tfilecopy so that tfileoutputexcel creates a blank one and overwrites the copied file.
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Re: tfileoutputexcel Template Option

I solved the problem: I forgot to check two fields in tfileoutputexcel...


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