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tfileInputExcel check for number of columns



In tfileInputDelimited, there is an option to check if number of columns are less or more than the defined schema in advanced settings tab. This helps a lot in rejecting rows which are not correct as per defined schema in the initial stage itself.


But I am not able to find similar option in tfileInputExcel. My excel file has 'n' columns, i want to reject the records which have columns not equal to 'n'. Is there any way to do it? I don't want to convert excel to delimited file and perform the check and tschemaComplianceCheck won't check for number of columns mismatch. Thanks in advance.






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Re: tfileInputExcel check for number of columns


If n is equal to 4 for example, your schema should have 4 fields corresponding to column A, B, C and E.

If a record contains less than 4 columns, field E will be null.

If you suspect your Excel file to contain more than 4 columns (for example 5), you can reject all the records for which field F is not null.

This is a simple workaround to check for record compliance.

I use it for simple use cases. Maybe there is some limitations I didn't encountered yet.

Hope this helps.

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Re: tfileInputExcel check for number of columns

I understand that's a workaround. But we can't surely tell if 5 columns will come or 100. In my scenario, i get weird source files. I think for now I will just convert excel to csv and use tfileinputdelimited which has the option to check against schema(number of columns).