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tfileCopy-regular expression-file name

I have a problem with the regular expression in the file name field in the tfilecopy component. 
I have 17-digit csv files in a folder like '10000000006363518.csv' and want to rename the latest to 'bing.csv' and delete the 17-digit file afterwards. 
But it always shows an error that the file does not exist. 
I tried a lot of regex functions from  but I always failed. 
What do I need to type into the file name field instead of 'C:/Users/User/Desktop/folder/{17}.csv'?
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Re: tfileCopy-regular expression-file name

Why don't you type in the full file name? If the file name might change every time, you can use tFileList that supports regular expression to list each file in the specified directory. 
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