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Hi All,


I am new here, so sorry if this is not the right thread to post this.

I have a job where I am needed to put in 100 datas into my teradata using the teradataSCD (as I need to get the scd_end, scd_start, version infos)... this was all fine till I was about to put in 1 new data into the table.


I got this :


[trace] connecting to socket on port 4890
[trace] connected
Exception in component tTeradataSCD_1
java.sql.SQLException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 602] [SQLState HY000] ResultSet:getInt: conversion error ( )
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.ErrorFactory.makeDriverJDBCException(ErrorFactory.java:94)
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.ErrorFactory.makeDriverJDBCException(ErrorFactory.java:69)
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.TDResultSet.internalGetInt(TDResultSet.java:998)
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.TDResultSet.getInt(TDResultSet.java:1837)
at try_sample.dummy1_0_1.dummy1.tFileInputDelimited_1Process(dummy1.java:4502)
[FATAL]: try_sample.dummy1_0_1.dummy1 - tTeradataSCD_1 [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 602] [SQLState HY000] ResultSet:getInt: conversion error ( )
at try_sample.dummy1_0_1.dummy1.tTeradataConnection_1Process(dummy1.java:545)
at try_sample.dummy1_0_1.dummy1.runJobInTOS(dummy1.java:10468)
at try_sample.dummy1_0_1.dummy1.main(dummy1.java:10295)
Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: empty String
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(FloatingDecimal.java:1842)
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.parseDouble(FloatingDecimal.java:110)
at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(Double.java:538)
at java.lang.Double.<init>(Double.java:608)
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.TDResultSet.internalGetInt(TDResultSet.java:994)
... 5 more
[statistics] disconnected
[trace] disconnected


I seem to be only be able to input data into an empty table using SCD...


Can anyone advice me on this? 


Re: teradataSCD


What's your data type of your column? Could there be some null values in your column?

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Re: teradataSCD

hi xsdhi,


I have figured it out. Seems like my schema was wrong and it didn't sync.

Thanks for the reply and help!


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