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I am getting the following error extracting from a table and inserting into a another table in teradata.
Exception in component tTeradataOutput_1
com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: : Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement.
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.statemachine.ReceiveInitSubState.action(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.statemachine.StatementReceiveState.subStateMachine(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.statemachine.StatementReceiveState.action(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.statemachine.StatementController.runBody(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.Statement.executeStatement(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.Statement.prepareRequest(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.PreparedStatement.<init>(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.TDSession.createPreparedStatement(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_3.ifjdbc_4.TeraLocalPreparedStatement.<init>(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_3.ifjdbc_4.TeraLocalConnection.prepareStatement(
at com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_3.ifjdbc_4.TeraLocalConnection.prepareStatement(
at bmg_java.bmg_0_1.bmg.tTeradataInput_2Process(
at bmg_java.bmg_0_1.bmg.runJobInTOS(
at bmg_java.bmg_0_1.bmg.main(
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Re: teradataOutput

Go to the 'advanced settings' and set the commit every field as 0 will solve the problem.
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Re: teradataOutput

Hi Shong,
I am facing the same problem in tTeradataRow component, even after changing the commit to 0 in Advanced settings.
In my process, I am creating a volatile table and then insert records in that table.
Let me know if there is better approach to accomplish this.
Mahesh Singh