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temporary storage of my key/value pairs

I'm using a tmap component to do some transformation. I've a case where i need to join to a table to pick a value of a key. This reference table is just just 10-20 rows with 5-10 fields. I'm interested only in two fields say, col_a & col_b.
I need to run a sql and get this two field data into a two-dimensional variable array (or anything storage loaction thats available in talend) and later use that in tmap component to pick the correct value for the key
SELECT col_a,col,b from table1
col_a col_b
1 A
2 B
3 C

Re: temporary storage of my key/value pairs

1) Push the query result through a row (main) link to a tBufferOutput.
2) To use the resultset you need to connect a tBufferInput to your tMap.
3) This inpiut has to have the same schema as tBufferOutput.
4) Buffer is available until the end of the job, or say various times.