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talend spark

i am planning to do POC for spark with Talend. which Talend version has to install .is there any links or material for how to install spark and integration of  Talend and spark 
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Re: talend spark

Talend version - At minimum, you'll need Talend Open Studio for Big Data.  I'd suggest getting Talend 6.3 or 6.2.  You can see more details about versioning here:
Leverage Spark in Talend - 
In Talend Studio, create a Big Data Batch job and select 'Spark' as your framework.  Ensure you have the libraries needed for the version of Spark you are going to be developing.  In Talend Studio click navigate to 'Help' -> 'Installation Details' -> 'Plug-ins' and ensure all Spark plugins are installed.  You can run Spark jobs locally, but ensure you set up winutils.exe: