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talend on x64 windows 7 slow gui?

I'm using 3.2.3,
it is only me that experience slow gui (some latency on click event handling ie. selecting an object) on windows 7 x64 (with 32bit or 64bit talend binary?).
Worked much better on my past 32bit dualcore windows xp machine than on win7 x64 with 8 logical processors.
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Re: talend on x64 windows 7 slow gui?

TOS is based on the Eclipse IDE for Java, which can be a resource hog. I find that it is important to edit the eclipse.ini files in Talend Open Studio to increase the available memory and such. You can find tips all over the net simply by searching for "eclipse performance tuning" (e.g. here's one:
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Re: talend on x64 windows 7 slow gui?

Thanks, I'll try some tuning; anyway my suspect arise because worked faster on the same project on XP32bit than x64 Win7.
Maybe this is just my machine on not a glitch of eclipse+talend on win7x64 (but is absolutely superfast and reactive with other tools like ie. Netbeans).