talend job monitoring with TOS

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talend job monitoring with TOS

I am working on talend TOS with  tJobInstanceStart+tJobInstanceEnd  to monitor my jobs and it works fine 
When I have a parent job with subjobs, that's what I did :
I used tJobInstanceStart+tJobInstanceEnd  in both my parent job and in each subJobs 
(to have an job instance id for each subjob and one for the parent job) and that's ok for me.
For the logs :

cas 1 :
When I activated log4j log + System.out and System.err catch in the parent job + subjobs tJobInstanceStart component, I got the same log row repeated many times in the log file and that's not ok
case 2 :

When I activated log4j log  + System.out and System.err catch in only in the parent job tJobInstanceStart component, I got  the subjobs logs (without need to activate log4j  log in their respective tJobInstanceStart component) that's ok, but  for the logs rows coming from a subjob, and giving my log4j.properties file I have this  layout pattenr in my FileAppender

these logs rows from a subjob have the parent jobName (it's normal but it's not what I want)
So my question is : 
how to work around the case 1 to eliminate the same logs rows multiple times in the log file and have each log row  been logged by the appropriate  tJobInstanceStart component to have the correct jobName in my log row.
Hope I was clear. 
thanks a lot

Re: talend job monitoring with TOS

tJobInstanceStart + tJobInstanceEnd are custom component written by talend community user and shared on talend exchange portal.
Feel free to contact the author directly and your job setting screenshots will be preferred.
Best regards
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