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talend - dev - convert a byte[] to row

I want to create a component that use a java method returning a byte array. I want that component have a out row connection, to be able to branch other component, eg : tLogRow.
If someone have an idea the way to convert that byte array for talend row connection please share 
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Re: talend - dev - convert a byte[] to row

I guess this appends between the _begin.javajet & the _main.javajet.
Ten, for each byte[] I get from the database, I have to extract all field. Then I have to transform it to String, and parse the string to get the correct output type.
A split on the String can give me all the columns, and then I can get the node.outgoing format and try to format it.
This represents some work, Acutally this is to create 2 components alias tPostgresqlBulkSTDIN & tPostgresqlBulkSTDOUT that could replace tPostgresqlOutput & tPostgresqlInput. I need to create/extract those bytes array to transform them on the fly as flow.
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Re: talend - dev - convert a byte[] to row

Done : Ive created the tPostgresqlBulkInput. This one works for now 2.5 times faster than tPostgresqlInput. It captures/parses the STDOUT, from posgresql COPY function and transforms it as a classical row.
(only for integer/date/string field for now)
Next step will be tPostgresqlBulkOutput, taking a row connection as input :
- Bulk Insert
- Bulk Update
- Bulk Insert or update
- Bulk Delete
- Bulk Select with Join