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talend data quality reports job execution

I am trying to run the job which was created by data profiler.
When I try to run the job locally on my desktop , job was creating report on given path.
But when I try to run the job remotely on linux server it is running successfully but not creating any reports on the given path.
here I have given correct binary as --TalendDataQuality-linux-gtk-x86
report path as --/tmp
report file name -- xyzreport
file type -- pdf
Please advice if anything wrong in this parameters or do I need any other set up.
Please note this issue is only with talend data quality report jobs as I was able to run other talend jobs successfully.

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Re: talend data quality reports job execution

To launch reports from a remote machine,
- There must a studio installation on remote machine.
- You have to copy the project to remote machine because the dependency libraries.
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Re: talend data quality reports job execution

we are using TIS - TDQ 4.0.3 in this.
I have installed TAC and commnadLine on Unix.
As you can see from screen shot, I am pointing commandline Linux file for this report.I have selected target machine as Unix server in this case.
Do you think it will not work ? What would be right way of running this DQ report job on server?