talend Esb Handle complex xml input to various outputs (TEsbConsumers)

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talend Esb Handle complex xml input to various outputs (TEsbConsumers)

Hi, im new to Talend Community, 

My first contact with talend was with Talend Esb with the purpose of developing a soa arquitecture on a University scale project,

so my doubt is as follows:

-i want to map (tXmlMap) an xml input from a tEsbProvider request to multiple outputs, but parts of my xml input are loops, others are single value string;

- after mapping to different outputs, one of these ouputs will consume another service, and the other output should save the loop item to an array for later use;

- after the tEsbConsumer returns a response, i want to call another tEsbConsumer based on previous service response, aside from that, this last consumer must be called x times based on the number of elements saved in array, receiving as input each element in the array

what is the best way to accomplish this ?

i will leave some prints to demonstrate the current state of the job1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG,

thx in advance,

kind regards, Tiago Silva

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