tXmlMap, multiple loops and grouping

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tXmlMap, multiple loops and grouping

I'm using talend Open Studio 5.4 and tXmlMp. In both documents (input and output) I have multiple loops and can't set element as "group". When there is only one loop element, grouping is possible.
In this site https://help.talend.com/search/all?query=tXMLMap&content-lang=en are rules for grouping:
"To set a group element, two restrictions must be respected:
the root node cannot be set as group element;
the group element must be the parent of the loop element.
Once the group element is set, the first element except the loop one is used as condition to group the output data."
Why I can't set group element?

Re: tXmlMap, multiple loops and grouping

You cannot set group element If you set multiple loops in tXmlMap at same time. For your case, you can have a look at tAdvancedFileOutputXML with the 'append the source xml file' feature.
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Re: tXmlMap, multiple loops and grouping

Any chance of getting the described functionality in the near future? I have the same situation where I need to loop on multiple sub-elements, but also need to group on those same sub-elements. Seems like if it can be done in one component, then it should be possible in another.

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