tXMLMap mapping with filter

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tXMLMap mapping with filter

i got an XML document and extract some data out of it with tXMLMap. Works fine so far, but now i have a document part like this:
<typ:Info Typ="income">1500</typ:Info>
<typ:Info Typ="height">185</typ:Info>
<typ:Info Typ="age">56</typ:Info>

I tried to extract the data using XPath like this ........./typ:AdditionalInfo/typ:Info but that just doesn't seem to work (no result). In general it seems like i can't get ANY Xpath with a filter condition (square brackets) to work.
Any suggestions?
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Re: tXMLMap mapping with filter

only Dom4j Parser support some filter. You have to filter in xml input component  
ps : tExtractxmlfiled swich automaticaly in dom4j
hope it help