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tWriteJSonField has error "Loop Element is missing."

When I Click "Configure JSON Tree" to open the XML tree editor it comes up in grey and shows an error "Loop Element is missing."
I checked the documentation for tWriteJSonField and could not find any reference to this error.
I am using TOS ESB 5.3.0
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Re: tWriteJSonField has error "Loop Element is missing."

You should set "Loop element" (move your mouse on the element you want to set and right click ) when you config your JSON Tree.
Please see the online component reference tWriteJSONField and the use case scenario retrieving_error_messages_while_extracting_data_from_JSON_fields
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Re: tWriteJSonField has error "Loop Element is missing."

I tried to create JSON document using twriteJsonField Component, I have applied group by on single column and based on that I want to set loop for column which has multiple values. I tried all the combination but not get required output.
let consider ex. we have two tables user and address table
User table : userID,name,desingation
address table: addressID,userID,street,city,state,country.
consider one user say user1 has two address. so we want json to have address array which contains both address.
required Json: {"userid":1,"name":"",Addess:}
Please provide suggestion.