tWebservice "anytype" type reply

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tWebservice "anytype" type reply

Hi everybody,


So I have been using Talend for a bit now. After lots of problems, I have finally managed to make a connection to a wsdl webservice, but now I am having problems with the reply.

The developer, don´t ask me why, decided that the reply from the webservice that I am trying to use would be "anytype", so whenever I try to map it to a variable, I get a popup like this


The problem is that I know that the reply is 1 or 0 ,but it doesn't matter what I bind (string, integer, normalizedString, boolean), I am getting a null as a reply. At the beginning I thought that I was just giving the wrong parameters as input for the webservice, but it looks like that is correct.

Do you have any idea if this "anytype" is not supported by Talend or if I should try an specific type that can take any type?


Best Regards,




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