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tWebServiceInput - Advanced Use

I'm newbie of talent studio open and I'm trying to make a simple example
I have a DB table and for each row I want to consume a web service
I my case I have a web service using complex type and so I should (if I understand well) the advanced use in order to be able create Stub and use it.
I don't have understand how can I map in the java code table's fields to my complex type (to be able to invoke the WS)
There is a tutorial or an example available to download ?
Why it says me "No schema has been defined yet"?
If the results of the ws must be used for another operation using ETL compoent.. how link it ?
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Re: tWebServiceInput - Advanced Use

first of all , you're trying to write into an "input" component (see the sens of the arrow of web service component)
So the only way to do that it's to use 'flow to iterate' component and by this way pass dynamic parameters value into your web service component.
to start with some example, use 'F1" shortcut help and have a look at Wiki talend example.
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Re: tWebServiceInput - Advanced Use

Ty Laurent
I read the help scenario 2 for the component but I still to have some issue..
The scenario doesn't cover all my needs.
It is talking about output (using the "output_row.XXX").
I need to map input WS argument from the previous component and also I want to reuse the __AUTH_USERNAME__ and psw variable
This about if in the help scenario 2 i want to replace:
Stub.setPassword("mot de passe");
it dosn0t works because both __AUTH variable are not recognized
So first question is : how to use __XXX__ variable in the advanced setting code ?

and again.. in the scenario arguments to the WS are fixed (start/endSymbol I and J).
String startSymbol="I";
String endSymbol="J";
routines.Fund result = fundHoldings.listFunds(startSymbol, endSymbol);
But I'm iterating the WS invoke from a db table.
How can I map ws argument from the "input" table ?
There is a "special" variable like the output_row ?
I try with "input_row" but without success