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tWebService usage

I have a simple WebService done under VisualStudio 2012 from which I use up a method like
'string GetFxRate(DateTime from, string FromCur, string ToCur)'
The component tWebService recognize correctly the webservice by showing me all functions.
In front of it I got a tFixedFlowInput with three parameters.
Job workflow
The job compile correctly but till I run it, I got such error:
Exception in component tWebService_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error compiling schema from WSDL at {file:/C:/xxx/xxx/AppData/Local/Temp/1/wsdl14256567970871/mainWSDL.wsdl}:
undefined element declaration 's:schema'
 at line 75 column 19 of schema file:/C:/Users/SZ5197/AppData/Local/Temp/1/wsdl14256567970871/mainWSDL.wsdl

Talend Version 5.6.1 running on windows 7 32 bits.
Thanks by advance for your help Smiley Happy.
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Re: tWebService usage

You can try using Tsoap component
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Re: tWebService usage

for the schema error, I would advise you first to test with a public SOAP WS which has a fully published WSDL. For example, "" (don't forget the double quotes in your configuration). I believe in your case the issue is your sample wsdl references some XSD that are not available on your disk. The test with the public time webservice will show if it is the case. If yes, please post your WSDL and we'll hunt the references.
for the NPO error (in private message), you simply are using a JRE instead of a JDK. Please Go to Window -> preferences -> Talend and change the java interpretor path to a JDK one.
Cannot post live URLS yet - test url would be "h t t p : //w w" without spaces