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tTeradataTPTExec - Teradata TPT

How to load multiple files into Teradata using tTeradataTPTExec
How to implement partition in the fastload/Mload ?
What is TPT fast export component in Talend? I am familiar with tTeradataFastexport. But We are looking for TPT version.

Re: tTeradataTPTExec - Teradata TPT

Have you already checked component TalendHelpCenter:tTeradataTPTUtility which is used to write the incoming data to a file and then load the data from the file to a Teradata database?
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Re: tTeradataTPTExec - Teradata TPT

TalendHelpCenter:tTeradataTPTUtility does not support export.  what is equal to tpt fast export? How to implement partition in the fastload/Mload ?