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Hi All,


I am using tTeradataSCD to do slowly changing dimension on my table. 

I have a table in my Teradata and I would like to give in inputs with updated data and do a SCD type 2.


The question is in the SCD_ACTIVE, it is showing "t" or "f" in the table. I want it to be kept as "Y" and "N" as I have an existing table for this. I have tried to change the type from boolean to string, but it is still showing "t" or "f".


Is there anyway I can set my own return values instead of it passing fixed ("t" or "f") values?

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Re: tTeradataSCD

as a expersion in tMap you can convert as you required.

 ex:- SCD_ACTIVE.equals('t') ? 'Y' : 'N'

but in tTeradataSCD,you can not able to write expersion like above

Manohar B