tTeradataOutput issue when inserting rows

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tTeradataOutput issue when inserting rows

Hi everyone,

I did a Talend job where I basically just insert some transformed row into a Teradata table but I experience an issue that is really weird.

Here's my Talend job : 



It shows me that the row has been inserted but when I query my database, it is not here...


Has anybody already experienced the same issue ?


P.S : Things I already did : - Transform all the fields into String 


Thanks in advance


Re: tTeradataOutput issue when inserting rows



     I believe you are inserting the data to a table where the data type is not string. I assume you must not have selected Die on error in your tTeradataOutput and that could be the reason why the job is not failing.


     Could you please share the component screenshot (basic and advanced) of the problematic component if the error persists? I would like to see the schema you have defined in the tTeradataOutput and the schema of the actual Teradata table,


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Warm Regards,


Nikhil Thampi

Warm Regards,
Nikhil Thampi
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