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tSystem with MySqL connection

Hello! Im from South America, a Chilean guy, sorry for the poor english Smiley Happy
Well, this is my problem:
I have a table with URls in MySQL database (for example, and I need to read this entries and make a ping, I need to know is the page is up or down, if the page is down I save in a Log the error. When I make the command directly in the TSystem component
(for example: "cmd /c ping") Its works, but I need to register more Ping results!! and I dont know how to make more pings!
How can i make "cmd /c ping "and put here a the entry of MySQL table" "???
I have:
TmySQLInput--------------------------------> TSystem .... Its that ok?? or I need something like this:
TmySQLInput---------------> Tjava -----------------> TSystem ... and how can I pass the entry!! please Help!!
Where y define the context variable!
This is a Java project with TOS 3.2.3 on Windows XP System
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Re: tSystem with MySqL connection

I solve this.. I only write in the TSystem : "cmd /c ping " + row1.url
Now I need to take all the pings result and save this in a log!

Tsystem properties:
standard and error output:
to global variable: data is passed on to an output variable linked to the tSystem component.
HOW Can I do it!!

Re: tSystem with MySqL connection

Try to choose "normal" for Standard Output of the tSystem and link it it to a tFileouputPositional which has the append mode activated

Re: tSystem with MySqL connection

I am new in Talend ETL tool which we are going to use in our Big Data project.
I am facing some issues when I am trying to execute our pre-written python program using Talend's tSystem component.
tSystem component is working fine. As per our requirement, from first python program, result value should be passed to second python program which is also running using another tSystem component.
Fond that thare are option of storing output values in global variable. Please help me to know how to use those global variable to store the result from first python(tSystem) prograam and pass those values as input to second python(another tSystem component).
Thanks in advance,