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tStatCatcher - Get only end logs

Hi everyone,


I want to retrieve some of the logs from my job but I don't know.


Today I set: tStatCatcher -> tMap -> tLogRow


When I run my job, here are the logs:


Starting the TEST job at 17:09 19/07/2017.
[Statistics] connecting to socket on port 3487
[Statistics] connected
2017-07-19 17: 09: 23 | 2017-07-19 17: 09: 23 | TEST | FLUX | 0 | KO |
2017-07-19 17: 09: 25 | 2017-07-19 17: 09: 27 | TEST | FLUX | 2 | OK |
[Statistics] disconnected
Job TEST finished at 17:09 19/07/2017. [Output code = 0]


I only want the statistics before the end of the job (in bold) and not the start.

Do you have an idea to do this simply?


Thank's !


Re: tStatCatcher - Get only end logs



In your log, I do not see the message_type.  In  mine, I can see message_type:



Normally, in your tMap, you will just filter on message_type.equals("end")

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Re: tStatCatcher - Get only end logs

As @iburtally said, you need to look for the message_type. You will also have to keep in mind that you do not get the start and end on the same record. You will see two records. These can be joined using the PID record. I have put together a brief piece on the AMC here:

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Re: tStatCatcher - Get only end logs

Perfect !

Thank you for your help !