tSqoopImport additional arguments working partially

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tSqoopImport additional arguments working partially



I am currently working on TOS_BD_6.1.1. 


I am using a tSqoopImport component with java API and it works fine, creating the file I need on the cluster.


However, when I try to custom my file, using "Advanced Settings -> Additionnal arguments", I am not able to produce all of the following requirements : 

- fields separated with semicolon

- fields enclosed into double quote

- escape character \ to be used to escape double quote


The additionnal arguments I defined are :

"codegen.output.delimiters.field" -> ";"

"codegen.output.delimiters.enclose" -> "\""

"codegen.output.delimiters.escape" -> "\\"


As an example, if I have a row of 3 columns with the following data : banana | ban"ana" | ban"ana

I want the file created to be like that : "banana";"ban\"ana\"";"ban\"ana"

But only the semicolon works and I got : banana;ban"ana";ban"ana



You can see my tSqoopImport configuration on the 2 screenshots attached.

Am I using them wrongly? Or is it a known bug? 


I saw this similar topic https://community.talend.com/t5/Design-and-Development/tsqoopimport-ignores-additional-arguments-D-m...  but the OP didn't answer.


Thanks for your time.

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Re: tSqoopImport additional arguments working partially

The escape character \ to escape double quote is actually working with the described configuration, but I am still not able to enclose my fields, no matter what character I choose (double quote with "\"", or another one, like "£". 


By default, what character are escaped ? double quote, single quote, etc..., ?


I have to escape them because I may encountered double quote, and special character like \t , \n in the data I extract.



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