tSetDynamicSchema limited usage

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tSetDynamicSchema limited usage

Hi All,

I am trying to find the usage of the tSetDynamicSchema  component in talend ,but it seems like it is limited to only tFileInputPositional Component.

What i need to achieve is ,read the table x where i have mapping of the xlsx that is going to be read based on type of file.

For Eg :

table X


Column_name Column_Data_Type Column_length      TYPE_OF_FILE


A                             id_String                10                      X

B                             id_String                 20                     X

C                             id_String                 30                     X


Column_name Column_Data_Type Column_length      TYPE_OF_FILE    Mapped_Column


col_1                id_String                10                      X                                                A

col_2                id_String                 20                     X                                               B

col_3                id_String                 30                     X

col_4                id_String                 30                     X

col_5                id_String                 30                     X                                               C


So,my job first fetch data from the table x and apply that to tSetDynamicSchema ,now i need to fetch data from this xlsx which has schema exactly as tSetDynamicSchema_1 and then create another xlsx based on the table Y schema ,and the column fetched from xlsx should


 My Question is how to use dynamicSchema after setting the schema.

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Re: tSetDynamicSchema limited usage

The Excel input components are not allowed to be linked with any data flow, that means you can't pass the dynamic schema to Excel input component, so I don't think tSetDynamicSchema can fit your need. Can you show us some example data and what are your expected result? Maybe we can provide other solutions.


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