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tSendmail is limiting base64 string

Dear Talend Support guys,
I am trying to send an email via DI Component tSendMail. The email has to be a html one and there is an image inside as a base64 string.
When the email is sent by tSendmail the email client (Outlook) afterwards receives the email as html - so far so good.
However the base64 string is chopped to nearly its original half length. I have observed this if I save the email from outlook as html.
In contrast I did previously a System.out.println(<Mail-HTML-Content>) and there the base64 String is properly whole.
As a result of the chopped base64 string the image is not shown. :-(
What is going on there? Any ideas? By the way: Content-Type text/html and MimeTyp is also as HTML configured.
We are using Talend 5.3.1
Kind regards

Re: tSendmail is limiting base64 string

Hi hilderich,
Have you tried this issue on latest build version 5.5.1? Does this issue repro?
Best regards
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