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We want to use the component tSapIdocReceiver to send IDOCs from SAP to Talend through RFC:
-We setup a SAP RFC server on a server. It starts up sucessfully
-I created a RFC connection to the program ID configured in SAP RFC server. Connection is OK and IDOCs sent to this RFC destination are OK (Status 03)
-I created a job whose first component is a component tSapIdocReceiver. The jobs runs successfully but IDOCs that should be theorically in the JMS queue of the SAP RFC server are not processed. I have just this log:
2016-05-19 09:32:10|CzfQn5|CzfQn5|CzfQn5|9092|EAI|TEST_SAP_RECEIVE|_-AM_UArwEeacL5RBkgUOog|0.1|Default||begin||
2016-05-19 09:32:17|CzfQn5|CzfQn5|CzfQn5|9092|EAI|TEST_SAP_RECEIVE|_-AM_UArwEeacL5RBkgUOog|0.1|Default||end|success|6706
I can see two reasons:
1-Even if all is ok from SAP side, there is no IDOCs in the JMS queue to consume. How can I check what there is in the JMS queue of the SAP RFC server ?
2-My job is not well configured. I enclosed it. If anyone has a suggestion or can send me one job using a tSapIDocReceiver working ?
TEST_SAP_R… .zip
One more question: In tSapIdocReceiver, there is a user and a password. Are they the UNIX user and password where JMS broker is running ?
Or are they one of the user/password that we can see in the file in directory Talend-SAP-RFC-SERVER/conf/user-authentication whose content is:
Thanks for your help.
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Re: tSapIdocReceiver

I flagged UNICODE option in RFC destination on SAP and now I can consome the idocs. But if the job with component tSapIdocReceiver is not running when IDOCs are sent to SAP RFC server, they are lost...
Yet in the file, I have:
# Whether JMS messages should be replicated in durable queues
# ISO8601 retention period for JMS messages in durable queues

# Whether JMS messages are persisted or not
# File system location used by JMS broker to persist data
Any suggestion ?
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Re: tSapIdocReceiver

Got it...
There are 2 modes:
-Keep runing forever :
Only idocs sent while job is runing are consumed

Every IDOCs in the queue are consumed