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tSalesforceOutput: specify SOAP Header

Hello Talend Community,

first of all thanks @all for maintaining this awesome project!
I started following it on github, maybe to contribute in the future Smiley Wink

I have a question: is it possible to specify the SOAP header in the tSalesforceOutput Connector?
Especially this one:

Thank you and regards,
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Re: tSalesforceOutput: specify SOAP Header


As far as I know, no, it is not possible using the standard components.

However, maybe is it possible to pach the connection properties with a little piece of Java code.

If it is, would be great if this kind of technical trick was shared by a guru.

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Re: tSalesforceOutput: specify SOAP Header


thank you for your reply.
Yes, would be great, if a guru could help us.
Probably it’s not that complicated to add the missing headers.
They can be imported from the Partner WSDL.