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tSalesforceInput, the dynamic way

I'm looking for a way to make tSalesforceInput bulkier, or more dynamic.. I would like to take ALL (or a defined list of) the modules/object, and be able to output them using code to any output element.
It seems easier to me than a dynamic schema (which doesn't exist, afaik in Talend), because in that case, Talend already knows the schema (they are in the metadatas) for each, so if I want to select 5 modules, I'd like to be able to do something like iterate on them (or even hardcode the list, whatever) and tell it to dump each module in a file, or in a database according to its own schema..
I can't find anyway to do this, but to actually add each module I want as a tSalesforceInput in my job. This might be fun for 5 objects, it is not for 200. Have the schema as a dynamic setting might be the way to do it, but.. no luck..
So what.. ELT for SalesForce? Any idea?
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Re: tSalesforceInput, the dynamic way

Unfortunately, tSalesxxx components do not support dynamic schema yet.
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