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tSSH component using authentication method as Public key

Hi All,
I am trying to connect to secure shell server using tSSH component with authentication method as Public Key.
Need help in configuring value for below two fields:
1) Pass Phrase
2) Private key
getting the below exception,
: z_tdmig_dev.shell_copy_0_1.Shell_Copy - tSSH_1 - Connection attempt to 'XXXDBDA03' on the port '22' as 'ramakrn'.
: z_tdmig_dev.shell_copy_0_1.Shell_Copy - tSSH_1 - Authentication using a public key.
: z_tdmig_dev.shell_copy_0_1.Shell_Copy - tSSH_1 /home1/ramakrn/.ssh/id_rsa (No such file or directory)
Exception in component tSSH_1 /home1/ramakrn/.ssh/id_rsa (No such file or directory).
I have created the key file seeing the link below by logging into ramakrn user, … n-with-ssh
I have given  "/home1/ramakrn/.ssh/id_rsa" in Private key field.
Kindly help.

Re: tSSH component using authentication method as Public key

Could you please try to use absolute path for  Private key to see if this issue still repro?
Here is the online component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tSSH.
Best regards
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