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tSPSS with a "." (dot) in column name

My problem concerns the tSPSSInput component and a "." in the name of the columns.
With the tSPSSInput component, I try to retreive data from a ".sav" file.
Unfortunatelay, i cannot modify this file, and most of its columns (118/130) have a dot in the name.
Example: TTSE.1, TTSB.1
Here is a sample of the code generated when I link the main output from the tSPSS to a tLogRow:
row1.TTSE.1 = tSPSSInput_1_sr.getDoubleAtPos(114);
row1.TTSB.1 = tSPSSInput_1_sr.getDoubleAtPos(115);
And in the source code:
public String TTSE.1;
public String getTTSE.1 () {
return this.TTSE.1;
Java doesn't really like this syntax ;-)
Is there anyway I could override the automatic name of the column in the SPSS schema ?
Or maybe automatic replace the "." of the name by a "_" ?
I Use TOS 5.2.2
Thanks a lot for your help
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Re: tSPSS with a "." (dot) in column name

It should be a bug, it should replace special characters such as "." of the column name with a "_" just as retrieve table schema from database, please report a JIRA issue in the Talend DI project of the bugtracker.
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Re: tSPSS with a "." (dot) in column name

Ok, I did it.