tSOAP and proxy authentication via NTLM

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tSOAP and proxy authentication via NTLM

Dear all,
just a short question (or two)...
Does the tSOAP component support NTLM authentication on a proxy server and how is this configured?
I tried the following settings for username:
None of them worked unfortunately.
Any help and/or answer is really appreciated.
Best regards,
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Re: tSOAP and proxy authentication via NTLM

Hi Peter,
the tSOAP itself won't support the NTLM at all.
The NTLM protocol is based on the HTTP Negotiation headers. If the called service supports basic authentication fallback, using basic authentication with domain\username should help, however you need to make sure the fallback is supported.
if not, I'd suggest to create a custom proxy (not using TOS, but rather directly CXF / Camel)
I'd suggest to build a CXF or Camel proxy where you could handle the NTLM authentication (https://monkeyingwithjava.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/connecting-to-microsoft-dynamics-crm-4-0-webservi...)
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Re: tSOAP and proxy authentication via NTLM

That's the point. The proxy does support Basic auth fallback, but whatever i try for username password it doesn't work.
I tried username only, "domain/username", "domain\username" (which throws an error in Talend btw.), but nothing works. Smiley Sad
The proxy always responds with 407 authentication required. 
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Re: tSOAP and proxy authentication via NTLM

Nothing wrong but - if the service provider claims the service supports the basic authentication fallback, then they should provide you any usable credentials too.. I'd suggest to use the SoapUI tool to debug it manually.
btw: sometimes you have to you domain\\username (double backslashe) if the input is translated to string , such as from the bash command line, Talend input fields, ...
Still an idea - as the username try to use the full userPrincipalName (sAMAccount@DOMAIN.NAME - domain name must be in CAPITALS).


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